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Gameplay DOFUS Battles


DOFUS : Battles is an exciting blend of Tower Defence, real-time strategy and RPG, and it all takes place in the DOFUS universe!

See all of your favourite classes, monsters, areas and equipment in a brand new light!

Aim of the game

Your goal is to stop Jeff Stobbs and the demon Naz T Peasawerk from taking over the Krosmoz!

And to do that, you'll have to defeat hordes of monsters from all four corners of the World of Twelve…


You control a dragon as well as one disciple from each of the twelve classes. Each class has its own unique spell, and characters evolve as the adventure unfolds!

There are also plenty of pieces of equipment to customise your heroes with!

Rise to the challenge

Epic battles await!

In Astrub, Bonta, Brakmar, and even on Frigost, the monsters just won't let up!

Can you keep your cool and develop a strategy to repel their attacks?